Give Others Room To Mess Up

Originally Posted Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My oldest girl is raising money for her cheerleading team.  She’s a cheerleader for the Common Ground Lions.  She asked me to help her raise the money. I helped her rep 20 times her introduction, explanation, and challenge to present to our neighbors. All the kids came along on that cold night (Lil’ Zo had on flip flops:-). I noticed my own frustration when she was forgetting her lines. But of course the neighbors were super patient because this cute 8 year old girl and her younger siblings were there. Then it dawned on me, “It is quite ok for my little one to mess up. The more opportunities she get’s, the better she will become.” And what do you know, her confidence was growing in communicating to our stranger neighbors. We visited 10+ homes and everyone who answered the door and patiently listened to the presentation gave money. When we got home, Alaiyah runs in and says excitedly, “The Lord was with us!” I must say my daughter is a great communicator (her momma) with an enormous personality (me). My take away from this is to always allow room for my children to learn and grow while they trust God in the process. Being frustrated when they’re learning can ruin your joy in the process!


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