Another Veteran To Learn From

Originally Posted Sunday, March 20, 2011

I attended a Pastor’s Conference in Washington D.C. with our Lead Pastor Terrence Jones (far right). His friend Stephen (seminary student) came too. This pastor above (Mark Dever) and the leadership of his church brought in over 80 pastors, elders, and leaders (nationwide and abroad) to model how to function as a local church. We were excited to attend so that we could learn from someone who’s “been around the block a few times.” The conference was called 9 Marks Weekender. The leadership there opened up there church building for 4 days and allowed us to look in on several of their elders meetings. This was for the purpose of multiplying biblical churches in expository preaching, church discipline, membership, church worship on the Lord’s Day, and evaluation of everything when done at the end of the day. While watching Mark Dever and the leadership, I sensed the Lord’s terror personally because the more knowledge I received from watching how they served the more accountable I become in me feeding His sheep at Strong Tower at Washington Park! Of course every time I attend conferences like these is like trying to drink water from a fire hydrant:-). If I could sum up everything I learned from the conference, I would say be committed to prayer for your leadership and members, and do everything according to God’s Word the Bible. I also gained a little weight on this trip:-D.


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