A New Vehicle Again!

Originally Posted Thursday, April 7, 2011

This is the 5th car the Lord has provided us in my 12 years of serving in full time ministry! Each time one of our vehicles broke down, here comes the Lord who brings in another car to drive. Oh yeah, this car isn’t a shabby car either. We’re talking about a 2005 Volvo XC90 provision. I’m telling you this vehicle looks like we’re driving around in a BMW! What a smooth ride! I must never forget how time and time again the Lord is faithful to provide. You best believe I’m very quick to tell people how the Lord has “provided”. Driving around in a car that looks like a BMW gives me the “extra incentive” to tell on God:-). I really don’t want people to look at this gift we received and begin to assume we’re ballin’- making a lot of money. Of course you can’t convince everyone.

The Turman family, a couple who left our church gathering to serve in Thailand, sold everything they had and flew off to serve the Lord amongst orphans and “street kids” today. Their lives are such a challenge to our Strong Tower At Washington Park family.


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